Stearns County Current Inmates

This search displays only adults currently in custody in the Stearns County Jail. Distribution of information on juveniles held in the lawful custody of the Stearns County Sheriff is restricted by Minnesota law. For questions on juveniles arrested or detained, please call 320-259-3760.


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*All filter criteria on the search menu are optional. Data last updated on 05/22/2024 11:30 AM

Last Name First Name Gender Age Booking Date Race
ABEL NATHAN Male 28 05/09/2024 White
ADAM ISA Male 34 05/10/2024 Black or African American
ALI GULET Male 25 03/10/2024 Black or African American
ATKINSON DEANA Female 49 05/01/2024 White
BAUMHARDT PATRICIA Female 56 05/05/2024 White
BEDFORD JARQUEZ Male 29 04/30/2023 Black or African American
BEILKE GEORGE Male 66 05/18/2024 Unknown
BERGERSON EBIN Male 26 12/29/2023 White
BERNARD ROBERT Male 32 05/20/2024 White
BINIEK KENNETH Male 24 05/14/2024 White
BIRD JASON Male 48 05/02/2024 White
BISHOP REGINOLD Male 20 05/16/2024 Black or African American
BOOSE SUMAREE Male 22 04/07/2024 Black or African American
BOTELLO RAMIREZ JUAN Male 30 06/16/2019 White
BOXWELL TANNOR Male 26 03/20/2024 White
BRAME CURTIS Male 58 03/18/2024 Black or African American
BRATSCH CODY Male 32 04/05/2024 White
BRENNAN SCOTT Male 63 05/21/2024 White
BROGAARD BROOKE Female 36 03/12/2024 White
BROWN TREVOR Male 48 04/17/2024 White
BROWN CADEN Male 20 10/20/2023 Black or African American
CALLAHAN SARA Female 43 05/15/2024 White
CAVES CLAYTON Male 60 05/19/2024 White
CERDA JESUS Male 33 02/22/2023 White

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An arrest does not mean that the inmate has been convicted of the crime. Booking at the Stearns County Jail does not indicate guilt. Information contained herein should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office cannot represent that the information is current, accurate or complete. Persons may use false identification information. True identity can only be confirmed through fingerprint comparison. The Stearns County Sheriff retains the right to control and modify the content of this roster to accomplish policy and/or public safety objectives.